Hello guys, today in this post I will explain how to download and install turbo c++ in android. I am sure you are aware about for turbo c++. Well turbo c++ is one type of compiler which is specially designed for c/c++ .One can easily perform most of the c/c++ programs with help of turbo c++! We already provided turbo c++ for windows xp/7/8/8.1! Well this post is especially for those who want to do programming in c or c++ in their android phones! So I will provide you guide How to install and use turbo c++ in your android phone! Just read full guide of turbo c++ for android!

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Turbo c++ for android

Steps to install turbo c++ for android 

1.  First of all you need to download one zip in your android phone

  Click here to download the zip file for turbo c++ for android

2.  Now download one apk file Easy unrar from playstore! This apk file is needed for extracting the downloaded file of turbo c++ in your android phone! You can use other apks also for this operation

3.  Now open Easy unrar file and search the downloaded file (Given in step 1) and select it for extract it to the desired location

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4. All the files will be there. You will find to files there .One is “Tc” folder and one is DOSbox apk.

5. You need to install DOSbox by clicking on it

6. After installing the DOSbox you need to move all extracted file in other location of SD card

7.  Now time to open DOSbox. Open DOSbox and click start emulator

8. You will see black screen like this.

9. Write following commands there

  cd tc

cd bin

10. You will find the blue screen of turbo c++ on android

That’s it! You have successfully installed turbo c++ in your android phone!

Please note: This is tested by me and its working on any android device

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So this is the complete process to install turbo c++ in android device! You can easily write the program there and run it on your android device. Enjoy programming on android device! Enjoy c/c++ programming! If you have still have any doubts or any difficulty in this post turbo c++ for  android device, Fill free to ask! I will help you!

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