Hello guys,Turbo c++ is the most used compiler for c++ programming.Today i am going to share turbo c++ compiler for windows xp. As we all know that windows xp is much older version of windows operating system but most of the people use it as it is the easy to use. So this post is for those who want to download turbo c++ for windows xp and install in their windows xp os.we can also use it for c programming practice as it support c and c++ both language.

Turbo c++ for windows xp

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Download turbo c++ for windows xp from here

Steps to install turbo c++ in windows xp

1. First of all download that software from the link which i have listed
2. Go to the downloaded file,it’s the Zip file you have to extract it
 3. Extract that turbo c++ file in windows xp
4.After extracting it,you will see the folder named TC in turbo c++
5. Open it,you will see TC application there
6. Enjoy c++ programming in windows xp via turbo c++

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If you face any problem while downloading this turbo c++ software ,feel free to ask.We will help you in sort span of time.Make sure you follow the listed steps to install turbo c++ in your windows xp system.Enjoy programming. 

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