Hello Internet, Today we are going to discuss programming languages.There are many programming languages available now and they all are very useful in their specific area.We know some basics programming languages like JAVA, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, .Net, Ruby and many more.These languages are used to develop Applications, as well as websites.There are many other scripting languages like Javascript, and PHP, used for server communications in web development.

So, the Question is which language is perfect.I was also wondering for this questions.I was decided to learn all the languages, as I didn’t complete any one language perfectly.And because of that, It was very difficult to understand every new programming language.

Basically, what happen, I want to learn all languages and want to become a hacker! lol :p

After a couple of days, when I thought, how many programming language I know properly and I got my answer with “0”.At that time, I decided to learn first basics and start from the scratch.I know, I was late but its because my mistakes.So I started learning web development, as I want to deal with websites.So first I complete HTML, Javascript, Ajax and PHP with My SQL.And I am still learning PHP!

I don’t know what would I do, after PHP, but yes, I have to learn it and finish it properly! Remember that, One does not simply learn Programming language, just by watching videos!

These languages are basic and every programmer should know about these, even if you’re not a programmer then also, you should know these languages.

Now, how to learn these languages yourself and the Answer is Internet.You have the best teacher: “Google”!

Here are a couple of Sources, I personally use to learn web development.

Just be regular with these four source and you will definitely achieve what you want.Don’t ask to Google, How to learn ………? as there are thousands of sources and all of the theme are good.But these sources are perfect for Beginners.

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