Attention coders,programmers,Hackers ! Are you listening me ? The biggest coding competition is going to be start. It is one of the top most famous coding competition.It’s Google code jam 2015 .The registration process will end on 12th April. Still you have some hours to register for code jam 2015. It’s not a one day easy coding competition,You need to prepare hard for it.

History of google code jam

Well it was started in 2003.It was started to identify the talent of young engineers in coding field to. One can use any programming language to solve the problems in code jam exam. Every year this competition holds by Google to check the ability of coders for implementation in Google. If you are very good at one programming language and has the knowledge of solving algorithms and data structures problems then you should try your hand in this international coding event.

Prize for code jam 2015

  • 1st winner will get 15000$
  • 2nd winner will get 2000$
  • 3rd winner will get 1000$
  • 4th-26th will get 100$

And the coders who pass the qualify round will get exclusive Google code jam t-shirt.

History of google code jam winners

The first winner of code jam 2003 was Jimmy MÃ¥rdell. Last year more than 25000 coders participated in it and Gennady Korotkevich won that competition.

Here is the schedule for Google code jam 2015

How one should prepare for code jam 2015 ?

It’s a silly question. Programming field does not require preparation. Programming is the art. For competitions like Google Code Jam one should have a very good knowledge of data structures,algorithms and implementation skills. Its only possible when you don’t care about some competition, you do it because you love it. That’s it !

All the very best to all the programmers who are going to participate in Google code jam 2015 !
Enjoy the beauty of programming.

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