Hello guys,Well smart phones are essential need of any human being now a days. Once there was a trend of Nokia black and white phones. At that time people were buying it at 5000 to 10000 Rs.But the situations now a days has completely changed ! Trend of smart phones is going on, No matter you are smart or not but your phone should be smart ! Right ? Yes absolutely. Around 90% people have smart phones. The price starts from 3k to 70k generally. You even can get smart phones worth Rs 70k+ .

Cheap smart phones

Today we are going to post about top five cheapest smart phones in 2015. Buy mobile phones between Rs 5000 and Rs 10,000  on online !
So let’s take the ride !

1. Xioami Mi 4i

Well,It’s trending like a hell. You people may getting news about it’s awesomeness and features.It is like a Chinese iPhone. It is worth around 9k to 10k online . It has android lollipop 5.0 and  superb battery backup.It contains 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 615 processor with Cortex-A53 cores !

2. Spice android one 

It was announced in Google i/o 2014 by Google itself . It is specially designed for people of India ,for a common man ! I personally suggest you to use it. It currently got android lollipop  5.0 update . It costs around Rs 5200 .  Well it is so cheap and you will get high features in it if you will buy.

3. Moto E2 4g

The first cheap 4g phone is here by Motorola. In this year they announced it and it’s worth around 7k to 7.5k .Well Motorola is famous for their low budget smart phones. You will get all feature in that. You should buy it if you want have that much budget.

4. Micromax canvas spark

Fire up your world ! Yeah,it is looking awesome and have very low cost. You can get it in just 5k Rupee . It has dual camera ,one is 8MP and another is 2MP.It has Gorilla glass and android lollipop os.

5. Lenovo A5000


Well it has cost around 10k . It is costly among these low budget smartphones of 2015. But still it’s awesome. It has 5.00 Inch screen size . It has 8MP rear camera and 8gb internal memory.The front camera is around 2MP. It will be good choice if you are planning to buy it.

So this is most famous top cheapest smart phones of 2015 in India. You can buy anyone among these all have their own merits and minor demerits

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