There are large number of peoples who using computers nowadays.Most of the computer user face problem of deleting some undeletable file or folder normally.It’s easy to delete it via command prompt directly without using any external software.

             Why we can not delete any files or folder?
 It’s not necessary that undeletable files are always malware or virus.Sometime system shows the message that file is currently used by other programs,So we need to close them before delete it easily.Sometimes it also possible that files or folders are used by person , Sometimes  due to software malfunction some undeletable files are created automatically.

 Below are the steps that are useful to delete that files or folder

How to delete undetectable file
system message
  • Right click on that file or folder then go to the properties and copy the exact full path of that file.
  • open command prompt via start menu->write cmd in search box and click on it to open
  • Now we have to use “cd” command ,type  ‘cd ‘and then location of file if your folder is temp then write ‘ cd c:temp’.
  • Now go to task manager and then open the processes tab and select ‘explorer.exe’ process and and select end process option 
  • Make sure your path of the file is correct ,now write ‘del path'(here path= your file address) and select yes 
  • congrats you successfully deleted that file
  • now restore your explorer by opening task manager and create new task and write explorer.exe in it and save it.
 If you found any difficulty while applying above steps then mention it into comment box,Thank you!

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