The main difference between computer and laptop is the facility of portability connected with laptop.So in this modern age it is essential to have laptop for making our life easy.Different different brands laptop is available having different features ,it’s up to you to select the best for you.So i am coming with this tutorial to help you to select the right one for your use.Below are 10 essential  points to consider before buying a new laptop

Tips to buy laptop

List of points that you should consider!

1 Type of operating system-Windows mac or Linux?

    Most of the people select window because of its popularity among the peoples,But it does not really matters to which you select because most of the essential software are supported all the above operating system,Though Mac is famous for its user experience and Linux is famous for security issues.But nowadays some high feature window pc also gives same user experience compared to window for general can use some free antivirus software to protect your window pc from virus  and malware. So select the right one which meet your requirement.

2  Processor- Intel core series?

 Intel provides the valuable  processors that we can buy easily.I think you want second generation so its easy to select from  core i3,core i5,core i7. But now question is that to which you select from above this.If you are light gamer and you want to purchase laptop for general use then select i3. But if you like gaming very much and want to experience all the latest game then select from i5 or i7 depending upon your requirement.

3 RAM-Its enough to have 4 gb RAM!

  It’s enough to have 4 gb RAM for your system.Although some laptop have less than 4 gb memory.Its wast of money to get extra RAM.Its up to you to select RAM depending upon your use.If you just use some small sized photo editor ,mail-checking or even play light weighted games than even 3gb RAM is enough for you .For high  use of high sized photo-video editor,other software and even for high gaming purpose 4gb RAM is enough for you.Also consider one extra point that more RAM not only cost the extra money but also reduces the battery life f laptop.

4 How much space you needs?Select the size of hard drive

    Are you the person who love to have big storage of movies,games,music albums,software etc?Than i think its enough to have 1 Tb hard drive space for your laptop.But recently even hard drive having 2 Tb space are also available.For the person who just want to use laptop for work than its enough to have 500 gb hard drive.So select the hard drive space depending upon your use.

5 Screen-size-Confused?

 When it comes to picking  the perfect  laptop,screen size is the major important point.Smaller means more portability and having lower price whereas larger means more flexibility and consuming more power.Having screen size between 14 to 16 is enough for user for all purpose of use.As screen size increases the charges also increases so select the right one .

Graphics-Do you love gaming?

 This is for people who love to play some extra ordinary and high performance game .In the last couple of years,the world of PC gaming on laptop  has really changed a lot.Nowadays people  buy laptop having high and powerful dedicated graphics card  to play modern games.All ultra portable notebooks are capable to play most games at native resolution of 1366*768 with fast frame rates.The Sandy Bridge by Intel with its integrated graphics are 17 times faster than previous.You can enjoy gaming experience in a laptop

7 Keyboard and Touchpad -Are you ignoring it?

   Most people ignoring to consider keyboard and touchpad while buying a new laptop.Test some questions that keyboard have solid tactile feedback and enough spaces between keys or not.Does mouse touchpad works smoothly or not.Can you easily zoom in or out with touchpad or not?So  by considering above questions choose the smart one.

 8 Battery life-The most annoying problem!

          Battery life is perhaps the most crucial consideration when picking a laptop that is going to be used regularly.As laptops get slimmer and designers pay more attention to making them compact and slim,more and more system uses integrated non-removable batteries.Consider that how much battery backup it gives in enough time.Its essential to figure out that how quickly your laptop’s battery drained when you uses multiple application or playing different type of games.

9 Size and weight-Concept of flexibility!

As you know that laptop have portability concept,Its essential to have light weight and a proper size that makes your laptop look smart.I think sony’s vivo gives much lighter weight as compared to others but price is higher than other same feature listed laptops.Its up to you to which you select.

10 Budget-Manage it!

  I think this is the annoying condition because all is depending upon your budget.If you think that your requirements are not fit into your budget than its better to wait for some new laptop or to manage some extra money to purchase your dream Laptop.

By considering above 10 points ,i think it’s better to manage your mind to select the perfect one easily!

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