Android, who don’t know about it! It is Google’s most famous mobile operating system. It is most popular because it provides you much application, much graphics and superb system. Android is user friendly. One can easily use it and understand it in a better way. It’s open platform. Because of much available application, your phone may get trouble at any time. It is necessary to secure your phone from virus. If you do not have any installed good anti-virus, then it may cause big loss! It will be hard to recover if your phone affected from virus and other sources. So don’t be lazy, Take a step o secure your phone.

Top Advanced AntiVirus Application  for android

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In this post I have listed most famous and most advanced anti-virus application for android phone. You can easily download it to make your android phone secure

Download top antivirus application for your android phone 

1. AVG Anti-Virus:

It’s the most advanced free Antivirus program. You may hear about it. It is already available for computers.AVG Antivirus for android contains features like Malware protection, task killer, app locker, phone locator and much more. You can download it from below link of play-store.

Download AVG Anti-virus

2. Dr.Web Anti-Virus Light:

It contains more powerful feature. It will protect your phone from virus, malware etc. It automatically detects viruses from your android phone and makes your android phone smoother and secure

Download Dr.Web Anti-Virus Light

3. Lookout Security & Antivirus:

It’s specially designed for android phones. It strongly detects virus from your phone. It automatically scans phone’s system and notifies you which file can harm your android phone.

Download Lookout Security & Antivirus

4. NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus:

It is also most popular Anti-virus application for android devices. It contains virus protection and removal feature. Download it from below link.

Download NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus

5. Norton Security and Antivirus:

It is the most advanced and popular Anti-virus application for android device. I think you all are aware about it. I strongly suggest you to use it. Download it from below link.

Download Norton security and Antivirus

These all are most popular Anti-virus application for android devices. If you want to make your phone secure, then you should use it.

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