Well smart phones have now became a very important part of
our life, If we take a look at smart phones history the first ever smartphone
was an iPhone. Well you might get a different answer on the web but I personally
believe that iPhone was the one and only device that change the way the world
deals will smartphones.We will see about programming languages that are used for making any smartphone’s applications development process.
Earlier smart phones used to have a number of plastic keys on
the device itself and were very complicated to use.After the launch of iPhone
in 2007 people starts  thinking that smartphones are actually very easy to use
and simplify there life.

Smart Phone Application Development Overview

Smartphone categories :

Windows Phone

OK well probably there are tons of
smartphones in the world but the three mentioned above  are the most popular.As Android leads
because of its amazing features & flexible compatablity on the other hand
iPhone still is the most easiest and safest device to use where as Windows
Phones are the best for business purpose.
All the three have
there unique app store’s that is App Store (iPhone), Google Play (Android) and
Windows App Store (For Windows Phone) each of them uses different specific
languages and frameworks for developing there applications.

Let take a look at different languages used :

Android : (Uses Java and XML for development process)

Lets start with the world’s most
popular smartphone platform, Android is the world’s most leading smartphone
platform because of its flexibility that it’s get easily integrated with other
third party applications.It deals with special permissions that allow users to
manage there security. Every application when installed in android ask for
certain permissions like suppose if the app is related to the camera then it
uses your permissions to open the camera and take the picture.This makes android
highly secure !! Coming to the point android uses java as the base programminglanguage where as the activities (Graphical Interface) is created using XML
Layouts.Apart form that the frameworks used for android is Eclipse IDE, well
Android Studio is also available which has a better interface and management
but still it’s a beta version .Its a bit difficult to setup Android development
environment but we have simplified it click here to read the process.

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Ios : (Uses Objective C for development process)

I guess the first question in your mind
will be like : first you said iPhone not iOS ???
Well iPhone is a smartphone whereas iOS is
the Operating System that makes the life easier for smartphone to easily
communicate with people .Actually I am a great fan of apple because of there standards(Whatever
you call) Apple just uses a single language in it’s every field that is
Objective C (Well sounds complicated ? Yes it is ) Mac OS X Apps are written
in  Objective C  , as well as iOS apps are also written in
Objective C.The problem with iOS development is you need MAC for developing iOS
apps (Yes won’t work on PC ).well there are many tweaks on How we can use xCode
 on PC which I don’t like to talk about
!! xCode is the framework used to develop iOS apps.

Windows Phone : ( Uses C# and XML for development process)

Well with the latest release of
windows 8.1 ,windows phone have improved a lot in its functionality. Probably
it is a most loved Operating System in business field.With its tiled interface
it is super easy to use.Window Phone OS uses C# with some XML Programming.The
best part is that it is super easy to setup the environment and yes you
don’t need MAC for it. Visual Studio is the universal framework used for
developing windows applications and if you are a Android developer then it is
easy to develop windows apps because C# is damn similar as java.

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