Hello guys,We are going to share funny moments of programmer’s life here. A life of a programmer never seems to be easy ! Right ? If you are in a programming field,You may know the feeling of programmer when he executes the code of 1000 lines, Even you will be proud on them for their smart work (Not exactly, with  the help of Google ). They deal with several situations. Even you can found them working at 3 AM at night and solving problems(bugs). I am not a complete programmer but in a programming field and will be future programmer. So i have listed some gifs here which will describe the frustrated life of a programmer.

  Below are the crazy gifs related to programmer’s life

                       1.    The moment when you don’t understand what your client want to say
2.  The awesome feeling when you get increment for your better performance after a long time
3.Your reaction when the Client change the requirement at the final stage
                  4. Code that you executed on Friday doesn’t work on Monday
                           5. When you solve your problem in a short time without googling
             6. When your boss tells you that testers are  those who actually  don’t know how to implement a single line code
 7.  When you find bug solution from junior developers 
                          8. When you develop without knowing the requirements
Hehehe.. I found them cool.What about you? If you like these all gifs and post as well share it on social media and support us! Happy programming .Comment here your thoughts on these programmer’s life situations gifs. Keep connected.

By jigar

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