Google, The name is enough to describe it! Google recently announced that the company will make a Google messenger which will more advance than WhatsApp. They announced that company is in the stages of application development and that messenger will be launched in 2015. Yet there is no official announcement of it’s feature, but in today’s tech world we can imagine what type of feature should it contain.The reports have stated that Google had sent their product manager Nikhyl Singhal to India to scope out the messaging app ecosystem in India.

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Google introduced whatsapp like messenger and it's features

But Google has declined to comment anything on this Google messenger project

What type of features it should contain

1. Video Calling: Yet the current version of whatsapp not contains this feature. WhatsApp has announced that company will introduce this feature in next year. So I think this feature should be there in Google messenger

2. Voice-to-text Messaging: Is it possible? Yes, if this feature will be in that upcoming messenger then I am sure it will attract more customers.

3. Convert-speech-to-text-with-Google-voice: This is similar like above service

4. Immense File Sharing: There is no file sharing option in whatsapp! Yes, you can share files in whatsapp by applying some tricks, but it will consume more time. So Google messenger should have feature of immense file sharing option.

5. Managing group admin: Is it cool? Absolutely. One main problem in whatsapp that it has not feature to manage group admin! If this will be possible in Google messenger, then it will become more successful application

6. Contact wall feature: Have you seen it in Wechat and Line application? Whatsapp does not contain it! So I think it will give more benefit, if it will have this service

7. Security and privacy (First priority): The main feature should be Security and privacy

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So are you all excited for this new messenger application of Google? 

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