After so many rumoured of “Windows 9“, Microsoft officially announced that the next operating system of Microsoft will be windows 10.Don’t you confused? Why it is not windows 9? I am also confused but Microsoft officially announced that windows 10 will be released in mid-2015.The Company have already started the process of technical preview of windows 10 by distributing it on several platform. There will be large difference between windows 8 and windows 10. I am not talking about the number, but the features that will be provided in windows 10.Lets take a quick look at the interesting features of windows 10 that everybody should know!

Features of Windows 10

I am sure you will be surprised after reading about it!

#1. Start menu: Essential part of windows 10.

Yeah you are right, Start-menu will be there in windows 10.The company had not introduced it into windows 8.You can easily customise it from option tab and make it like windows 7.It also adds the some features of windows 8.1 like you can easily show live titles from right side  Top etc.

 #2. Task view: Muti-tasking feature.

There will be Task view feature, through which you can easily work on multiple processes. There will be big difference between windows 8 task view and windows 10  Task view. The next one will be more creative that will increase user experience between user and device! Multiple process at same time will be done easily

#3.Virtual desktop: The surprising feature of windows 10.

For power users, Company has added virtual desktop feature. With the help of virtual desktop feature user can easily switch the any of the desktop as per user’s convenience. Though apple’s OS-X and Linux already launched it. So we can say Microsoft is trying to add the famous feature of other os for user convenience!

#4 Universal apps and metro apps: The jumbo pack.

There will be large source of universal apps in windows 10.The more advanced apps will be introduced in windows 10 in universal apps package. The company is agreed to use micro apps feature in windows 10.Though there was problem with it in windows 8 but after the agreement between them, the interesting apps will be provided in different way by metro apps

#5 Shutdown: No more wait for it.

It seems like a small feature but it’s vary essential feature because now it will be updated in windows 10.There was long process in windows 8 to shutdown the system. User have to go Charms then log off and then have to select particular option but now company made it simple in windows 10.You have to just press Alt+f4 and you will be directed to shutdown options tab, through which you can select your option.

These are the top most five feature of the upcoming windows 10 that everyone should know. I know windows os lovers are exited for this upcoming version! If you know more extra features of windows 10 then don’t forget to mention it here. Your suggestions are welcomed here.

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